Part 3 of Car Sharinga one-month car event held by MaXpeedingRods. Until now, hundreds of totally vehicles are shared by our friends from all over the world, including Volkswagen, Honda, BWM, Toyota, Nissan and Fiat cars, etc.

Here is a photo gallery of some of the Volkswagen cars that caught our eye.

1.VW Senda From Gustavo Maza 

Gustavo Maza: This is my humble vw Senda 1995. I have it a year ago and I’m slowly improving it with a lot of effort and dedication.

2.VW Golf From Tobias Matuolis  

Tobias Matuolis: This is my vw golf mk3 with a 1.8t engine and 6 speed transmission,clean bay, bbs lm’s 17″ , porsche 4 piston break and much more details.

3.VW Jetta From Cristian Eldridge 

Cristian Eldridge: Mk4 VW jetta wolfsburg edition 1.8t apr tune ikon wheels jom suspension.

4.VW Golf From David Mihai 

David Mihai: Mk4 Golf 263hp.

5.VW Golf From Byron Whitehouse

Byron Whitehouse:My Mk2 Golf GTI,BBS Body Kit, BBS Wheels & KONI Coilovers.

6.VW Golf From Stefan Zimmermann

Stefan Zimmermann:VW Golf 2 VR6 Turbo

7.VW Golf  From Markus Pleyer

Markus Pleyer: Mk4 1.8t. Complete engine rebuild, upgrade Turbo, cleaned bay, Pole Position Seats, rollbar, hardline setup in trunk, dropped on air suspension and three piece wheels.

8.VW Passat From Luís Tina Silva 

Luís Tina Silva: Passat B3 1.6 GTD swap 1.9 AAZ turbo kkk new injection sistem.

9.VW Fusca From Juan Reyes 

Juan Reyes: German fusca goes with 125p engine for now. The idea was sucked.

10. VW Golf From Thomass Taffarel

Thomass Taffarel: My VW country goal (Paratí) from Argentina, the idea is to improve it as much as possible (and I can) both motor and aesthetic to leave it unique